10 Insider Tips That You Didn’t Know About Your GP

10 Insider tips that you didn t know about your GP

10 insider tips that you didn’t know about your GP

Most people don’t give a second thought about how their local medical practice is run but just stop for a moment and read some of the key tips taken from this Guide about General PractitionersKnowing how the system works could help you get more out of it.  If you are frustrated about getting appointments at your local surgery, you should consider using a private GP service in Solihull or a private GP service in BirminghamThese are all staffed by the same GPs you would see in your regular practice.

  • The GP will offer you a longer appointment slot than ten minutes but then he would not be able to offer as many slots – it’s a balancing act
  • Most doctors like to focus on one health issue at a time – in ten minutes you can’t cover loads of ground so if you do need to talk about a few things then make separate appointments
  • If you are more than ten minutes later then you have missed your appointment
  • Your doctor is not telepathic, he can’t help you if he doesn’t know what your real fears are, it is important that you know how to talk to your doctor and are clear if you want to get a note from your doctor
  • Your doctor is not any lesser because he is only a GP and not a hospital doctor – he actually has the hardest job of all
  • Your GP is self-employed and an independent contractor to the NHS
  • This is not a TV drama, many doctors do not get the diagnosis right first time
  • Your doctor wants the best for you but this does not include unnecessary referrals and the overprescribing of medication  
  • Your GP works incredibly hard and long hours, it’s a vocation remember
  • Reception staff are not your enemy, they are there to filter patients to the best possible healthcare professional

For more information about private GP appointments in Solihull and Birmingham, visit our website https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/ to find out more.

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