8 Reasons To Use A Dosette Box For Your Pills

Efficient medication management with dosette boxes

There are many advantages to using a Dosette box for regular or complicated medication whether that is for someone recovering from surgery or illness or an elderly person who may be a little forgetful. PTMD offer a  Dosette box service from our pharmacy in Stratford upon Avon or our pharmacy in Kineton.

What are the benefits of a Dosette Box?

A Dosette Box is essentially a box with an interior plastic tray which is compartmentalised and labelled with different days. Each day can have subdividers for multiple daily medication doses.

What are the benefits of using a Dosette Box?

Those who already use them understand the importance of a Dosette Box. Here are just some of the advantages of a Dosette Box.

  1. Sort and organise multiple and complicated medication doses ensuring the right medicines are taken every day.
  2. Dosette Boxes work on a simple visual basis rather than relying on self-dispensing from bottles or blister packs.
  3. Ensure correct dosage and medication as the Dosette Box can be pre-loaded to assist a vulnerable or unwell patient.
  4. Maintain independence for an elderly person who is becoming forgetful.
  5. Family and carers can see if medication has been taken correctly.
  6. Dosette Boxes are not just for the elderly, they are a boon for someone who has received a sudden. health diagnosis or who has an accident or injury all of which can require complicated medication to be given at home.
  7. Dosette Boxes are useful for patients with dementia as they can be pre-loaded and handed from one carer to another or to a family member, especially helpful with multiple caregivers.
  8. Dosette Boxes can be pre-loaded by a pharmacist or care worker.

There can be quite a wait for a Dosette Box on the NHS. PTMD stock these in our online pharmacy

Find out more about the benefits of using a Dosette Box from PTMD. For a small outlay, a Dosette Box can provide secure medication and peace of mind for the patient, their family and care professionals, reasurance that the correct medicine is being taken at the right time. Contact the PTMD pharmacy in Stratford upon Avon  or Kineton for more information about Dosette Boxes.

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