A Better Way to Manage Your Repeat Prescriptions

A Better Way to Manage Your Repeat Prescriptions

The Coronavirus pandemic introduced some changes to how prescriptions are issued and managed, building on developments which the NHS had already put in place to take advantage of the speed and accuracy of digitalisation. This reduces reliance on outdated and time-consuming methods of issuing repeat medicines. The NHS repeat prescription online service offers simple steps for managing repeat prescriptions and you don’t have to have a computer to take advantage of it. If you are looking for NHS repeat prescriptions in Bloxham, then contact PTMD to find out how it works

The Process for Managing Repeat Prescriptions

It’s really simple and the online process will save you time in your GP surgery as well as making the process much more efficient for your doctor.

  1. Choose your pharmacy: Most high street pharmacies are offering online services for new as well as repeat medicines
  2. Open an account: You can do this by logging in on the website or downloading an app. The account will allow you to make changes such as altering the delivery address if you are away on holiday or having medication delivered to your work. You will need to be registered with a GP surgery in England
  3. Add your medicines: Once your medication is added to your account, then you can place an order
  4. GP approval: Your pharmacist will contact your GP for approval, this can take a day or two so you need to allow for this and make sure you are not going to run out of medication. The GP will then send the pharmacy an electronic prescription which allows for release of the medicines. If you do need to pay then it is just the standard NHS charge, no more
  5. Delivery: Most pharmacies deliver free to your door although you can pick up in person if you prefer
  6. Online reminders: For medicines which you take regularly, your online pharmacist will send you a reminder when it is time to order again

Top Tips to Managing Repeat Prescriptions

To be on the safe side and to allow for delays or any online glitches, get into the habit of ordering your repeat medicines around seven days before you need them.

Before you open an account, check your chosen pharmacy accepts all NHS exemptions and pre-payment certificates.

Online prescriptions is just like the previous system, you just request the medicines directly form the pharmacy online rather than going through your GP surgery.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of NHS repeat prescriptions online with simple steps for managing repeat prescriptions. If you are looking for an NHS repeat prescription service in Bloxham, then contact PTMD.

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