A Simple Way To Remember To Take Your Medication

Dosette Box

People who have to take multiple medications each day might find the process of medication organisation cumbersome. It’s important to manage your medications correctly so that you don’t miss doses or take too many doses.

Pharmacy to My Door is a pharmacy that provides Dosette Box service in Chipping Norton and Wellesbourne and can make medication management much more streamlined. A Dosette Box is a compartmentalised box or tray that is labelled with different days. Each day may then have subdividers for the different times of day. Dosette boxes not only make it easier for the patient to take their medications correctly but helps anyone who cares for the patient as well.

What are the benefits of using a Dosette Box?

There are many advantages to using a Dosette box for regular or complicated medication whether that is for someone recovering from surgery or illness or an elderly person who may be a little forgetful. Our dosette boxes come pre-packaged by highly trained pharmacists who seal each dose in easy to open compartments. They also come with a guide and information about each medication so that the patient stays informed about their treatment.

The patient’s name and address are also on the box, with a barcode printed on it for full tracking. For additional security, we can also add the patient’s photo, a benefit that can be especially useful in a care home setting.

A Dosette Box Can:

  • Help make sure the right medicines are taken every day
  • Dosette Boxes work on a simple visual basis rather than relying on self-dispensing from bottles or blister
  • Maintain independence for an elderly person who is becoming forgetful
  • Family and carers can easily check if medication has been taken correctly
  • Dosette Boxes are easy to take with the patient if they need to travel

Dosette Boxes are not just for the elderly, they are also beneficial for someone who has received a sudden health diagnosis or who has an accident or injury all of which can require complicated medication to be given at home.

To sign up for this service, contact PTMD directly or visit our website to learn more. PTMD is a trusted, community based Dosette Box Pharmacy in Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Campden. We are also a Dosette Box Pharmacy in Brailes.

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