Advantages and Disadvantages of Dosette Boxes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dosette Boxes

Thanks to advances in medicine, many health conditions can be managed with nothing more complicated than a prescription. However, it can end up being complicated if you take several prescriptions throughout the day. You’re more likely to miss a dose, take double doses, or take them at the wrong time of day. Depending on your medication management plan, mistakes like these could cause a lot of harm.

Dosette boxes are a common solution to these types of concerns. Available from many pharmacies and high street stores, dosette boxes have separate partitions for you to organise your pills by the day of the week and the time of day.

Advantages of Dosette Boxes

Dosette boxes are simple to use and serve as visual reminders for your prescriptions, especially if you keep them in an accessible and visible spot. If you are ever worried you missed a dose, you just have to check the box. If carers or family members assist with your medications, having a dosette box helps them effortlessly keep track of which doses you have or haven’t taken.

Disadvantages of Dosette Boxes

Whilst dosette boxes make medication management much easier, there are some drawbacks. The main one being that they must be refilled correctly by hand and are dependent on you staying on top of your refills.

PTMD’s Pre-filled Dosette Boxes

Pharmacy to My Door’s dosette boxes come pre-filled so you never have to worry about making mistakes when preparing your pills. We carefully pack each dose in an easy to open compartment alongside printed pictures and information about your medications. This can be very useful if you have carers who come in to help you with your medications. They can easily see your prescriptions, the instructions, and dosage information.

Our dosette boxes also have several safety features. Each box is sent with the patient’s name and address along with a digital barcode system used to track the box every step of the way. The patient’s photo can even be printed on it as well, which adds even more assurance the patient is taking the correct medication.

PTMD is a dosette box pharmacy in Moreton-in-Marsh and Shipston-on-Stour. Visit our website to learn more about our convenient dosette box services.

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