Advantages Of Home Healthcare Services

Advantages of home healthcare services

Home healthcare services offer all the advantages of qualified professional care whilst allowing the recipient to remain in their home environment.  They are an alternative to care home services and often the first choice of many people if they are given the option.  Care may be tailored to the specific needs of the individual and can be short-term following an operation or long term to manage declining health and mobility.

Care packages can include a range of healthcare professionals including general carers, nurses, physicians and private doctor services. The stated intention is to keep that individual in their home environment rather than in a hospital or a care home setting.  Care arrangements can include a blend of services some of which may be medical whilst others may be simpler, meeting daily living needs.

What are the advantages of home healthcare services?

For the client, the key advantage is being able to stay in their own home rather than having to leave for a care home or remain in hospital when their needs could be met at home with the appropriate support.  Care and support may start at quite a low level but will allow that person the ability to remain living largely independently which is extremely important for mental wellbeing.

The importance and comfort of familiar surroundings cannot be over-emphasised – this is something that matters to all of us regardless of age.  Changing the environment can cause a loss of confidence and real anxiety.  For those people developing dementia, familiar surroundings are really important to help keep memory alive.

Home healthcare when recovering from surgery is hugely beneficial.  Recovery time is usually faster and in general terms, less pain relief is required compared to a hospital or convalescent environment.  And family can remain far more involved in your life and your care.  The best home care packages are ones which involve a blend of family support with other careworkers and medical input as necessary.

Pharmacy to my door is here to support healthcare professionals whether they form part of a team in someone’s home or they are involved within the care home setting.  Delivery of prescription medication to your door, wherever that door may be, is a key part of the healthcare service network.

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