From time to time, we all need to visit our GP, be it for a check or some ache or pain.

However, when feeling ill, getting out of bed can seem like an uphill task, let alone a visit to the doctor.

Yet after plucking the courage to make that appointment, you find out you cannot be seen for at least 2 weeks.

This today is a regular occurrence within the NHS. Constant cutbacks have begun to place extreme pressures on our health service and ability to provide effective care when it is needed most.

To be able to maintain our quest for effective patient care and services, PTMD have partnered with Medic Spot to deliver private doctor services through our purpose-built pharmacy. We are already aware how hard it can also be to book with a private doctor which is why by partnering with medic spot, anyone looking for a private GPservice in Alcester can visit Pharmacy to My Door with the added advantage of being able to have prescriptions dispensed onsite.

Private GP services in Alcester are already scarce which is why we are delighted to be offering this invaluable, essential and time saving private doctor service.

The next time you are struggling to book an appointment with your GP or are looking for a private doctor service in Alcester, where speed is of the essence, book with PTMD and benefit from complete healthcare under one roof.