Are Dosette Boxes Useful for Elderly?

Dosette Box Pharmacy in Shipston-on-Stour

      If you regularly take medication to maintain your health, it’s important that you take your prescriptions consistently and correctly. People with busy lives, memory troubles, or those who take multiple medications often find it hard to stick to their medicine routines. This can become even more of a challenge in the elderly.

      Using a dosette box can reduce these burdens. As an established dosette box pharmacy in Brailes and Chipping Campden, Pharmacy to My Door has specially constructed dosette boxes that help our patients take the right medications at the right time. Whether used by yourself or someone you care for, dosette boxes take the headache out of medication management.

      Benefits of Dosette Boxes for the Elderly

      Our dosette boxes are carefully prepacked with your medications, organised by when you need to take them. You and your caregivers can easily stay on top of your medication routine with the user-friendly packaging and labelling. Each sealed blister pack within your dosette box designed to be easily opened by those who struggle with opening traditional packaging.

      Each dosette box also has photos and descriptions of the medications so the patient can stay informed about what they are taking, when they should take it, and why they need to take it. Having all this information in one location makes it easy to access any information you may need about the included medications.

      You can always rest assured that the medications you’ve received are for the right person. PTMD’s dosette boxes have the patient’s address clearly labelled on them alongside a unique barcode for tracking and audit purposes. We can also add a photo of the patient, a useful tool if the dosette box is being used in a care home.

      Your PTMD dosette box pharmacy in Wellesbourne and Kineton will also handle any refills you need by arranging your next dosette box to arrive before you run out of your current pills. If for any reason you have any medication changes or need to dispose of unwanted medications, PTMD will take care of that, too!

      Dosette Box Pharmacy in Shipston-on-Stour

      If you’re ready to streamline your medication regimen or care for someone who needs help staying on top of their pills, contact Pharmacy to My Door. We are the community’s #1 dosette box pharmacy. Contact us today to find out more about our dosette box pharmacy services.

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