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Automated Dispensing
Automated dispensing ensures prescriptions are dispensed quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Robotic technology supports Care Homes Services and sets us apart
One of the reasons to consider services provided by Pharmacy To My Door is the innovative way in which we offer medicine dispensing. Unlike most traditional pharmacies, our ability to provide exceptional service relies not only on our customer dedication, our community engagement, and comprehensive services offered, but also in our ability to dispense prescription medication using automation.

What is Automated Dispensing?

Automated dispensing, is essentially, medicine dispensed with the use of a robot. Robots enable us to be quick and accurate when dispensing medication and this lets us have the time to focus on our brilliant service This is particularly important when discussing the subject matter of an individual’s health; the last thing any patient should have to worry about is a possibility that the prescription they rely on, which may be detrimental to their health, has been filled in error.

Automated Dispensing
Automated Dispensing

Why Choose Automated Dispensing

Automated Medication Dispensing Systems are not commonly used in pharmacies across the UK. However, choosing to utilise robotic dispensing in our pharmacy is an investment we have made to ensure we are providing our patients with the utmost care and quality service. The benefits of robotic pharmacy dispensing systems include:

  • Avoiding dispensing errors
  • Freeing the time of pharmacists who can focus on improving patient care
  • Increasing community reach
  • Streamlining Dosette Box Organisation

The Role of Automated Dispensing in Care Home Services

Pharmacy specified robotic dispensing systems play a crucial role in services provided to Care Homes across the UK. The technology we utilise is responsible for creating and filling the dosette boxes we supply to our service users. This cutting-edge service allows us to deliver each resident’s medication sorted and sealed with the inclusion of colour printed medication images and dosage instructions for safety, permitting Care Home staff to focus on caring, rather than sorting daily prescriptions. Our accessibility to this robotic technology also permits us to easily implement mid-cycle changes to prescribed medication.

Automated Dispensing
Automated Dispensing

About Our Robotic Technology

Our automated dispensing is provided by the Omnicell VBM200F. This revolutionary machine has the capacity to recognise and classify individual pills and tablets to record the contents of each dosette box compartment. State-of-the art technology allows us to dispense your medicines quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Each dosette box is also printed with a QR code for monitoring output to allow for complete supply tracking and transparency, which benefits our patients, their prescribing GPs, and us.

Find out how our automated dispensing can optimise your medication management today.