Benefits of care home pharmacy services

Benefits of care home pharmacy services

When compared with the rest of the population, the elderly tend to take more medications each day. The more medications a person takes, the more likely it is for them to make mistakes. This becomes even more of a concern if the patient has cognitive issues.

When people are put on multiple medications, there is also a risk that they may be overmedicated or taking a medicine with limited benefits. Mistakes with medications account for a significant enough amount of hospital admissions for it to be a concern.

While every care home devotes itself to providing the best care possible to its residents, complacency with medication can easily happen. Most of the staff at a care home do not have the specialist knowledge to perform regular medication reviews and GPs are very overwhelmed these days. Thankfully, this is one of the numerous services pharmacies can provide.

Care Home Pharmacies
When you partner with a care home pharmacy such as PTMD, you will have a dedicated pharmacist who will help with the day-to-day care of your residents. They can administer medications, perform reviews, and implement any emergency prescriptions or mid-cycle changes. With this personalized service, your residents’ quality of life will be improved.

In fact, studies have shown that with pharmacists, care homes:

  • Reduce unnecessary medications and wastage
  • Have fewer emergency hospital admissions
  • Have fewer ambulance call-outs
  • Save an average of £250 per resident in drug costs

Our tailored and comprehensive care home pharmacy service is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of care homes. PTMD will take over the day to day of medication management, liaise with hospitals and the GP, and can dispense medications up to 6 pm for same-day delivery.

Additionally, we can perform medication reviews and help patients manage them, giving them some say in their healthcare.  With pharmacists taking on much of the administrative duties relating to prescriptions, your care home staff will have more time to devote to the residents. PTMD has the resources of a major pharmacy, but with the attention to detail and personal touches of a local pharmacist.

For a devoted care home pharmacy in Bloxham and Stratford-upon-Avon, visit

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