Benefits Of Care Home Services

Benefits of Care Home Services

Benefit of Care Home Service

Pharmacy to Your Door is revolutionising care home services in Redditch by offering a comprehensive prescription medicine service which takes all the worry out of patient care.

In a changing marketplace, nursing homes are no longer enjoying the same level of pharmaceutical support that they once did.  Pharmacy to your Door has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in the latest technology which can fully service your care home with free delivery of pre-packaged and labelled medicines for your residents.

Seamless, worry-free service

Optimum patient care is at the heart of Pharmacy to my Door’s ethos.  Our automated serves are designed to bring the pharmacy to your care home, removing the administrative burden and worry of ensuring your residents always receive the correct medication.  Let us work alongside your care home with free delivery of medicines individually labelled with the correct prescription for each resident.

The best of the old combined with the latest technology

Pharmacy to my Door is a new business model based on the best traditions of your local chemist shop  – care and service – harnessed with the huge advancements of modern technology.  We offer a seamless process on a scale that is set up with the unique needs of home care services at the forefront.

Medicines arrive at your door checked, dispensed and labelled for each individual resident.  Technology allows for variation and amendment plus delivery on a scale which previously could not have been foreseen whilst still maintaining the old-fashioned personal touch and care.

Advances in robotic dispensing technology remove human error and have created a service that is a million miles away from bricks and mortar chemists – no delays, no closing for lunch and no waiting around.  Because patient care is our number one priority, our systems have been constructed around the unique needs of the care home sector yet retain the traditional delivery and care of your local chemist shop.

Why not take a look at our how Pharmacy to your Door is reinventing the delivery of medicines to care home services in Redditch. We continue to invest in cutting edge technology to service the increasing demands of the burgeoning care home and nursing home sector with a fresh offering beyond the wildest dreams of the high street chemist. Visit our website

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