Benefits Of Private GP Services

Benefits of Private GP Services

Benefits of Private GP Services

With the best determination in the world, it can still be hard to access an appointment with your GP when you need one and we all understand why; the NHS is stretched to a breaking point. But instead of hesitating and feeling guilty about calling your local surgery only to be met with news of a three-week wait, why not use a private GP service? This not only gives you access to a GP right when you need it but it frees up a slot for someone who may be in even greater need than you. Access our private GP service in Birmingham or a private GP service in Alcester with quick and convenient appointment times and transparent fees.

What are the advantages of a private GP?

The NHS is such an important and ingrained part of UK society that many people are suspicious of using a private GP so what are the advantages a private GP service can offer to you:

  • Choose an appointment day and time to suit your schedule including late evening and early morning slots
  •  Access an appointment quickly- within 24- hours so no long waits
  •  Book extended appointments rather than being confined to a short ten-minute slot
  • Choose your doctor rather than being limited to who is available that day at your local surgery
  • Use video conferencing ideally if you are vulnerable or shielding or have a health condition which makes travel difficult or, choose to attend in person
  • Enjoy a seamless and fully digitalised prescription service
  •  Pick a consulting room close to your current location whether that is home or work or a temporary place you are visiting
  •  Often there is a full package of health services including immunisations and blood tests all managed under one roof
  • Test results are usually far quicker in the private sector
  •  Fees are clear and transparent and less than you might spend on a meal out

Why queue up to see your doctor, take advantage of a private GP with our private GP service in Birmingham and our private GP service in Alcester. We can also offer a fully digitalised online prescription service to make your whole experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. To find out more about what PTMD can offer, visit our website

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