Benefits Of Repeat Prescription Services

Benefits of repeat prescription services

Benefits of Repeat Prescription Services

Repeat prescription services can be something of a muddle with every GP surgery doing something slightly different and relying on a mix of paper and computer-based services.  The patient or their care home has to remember to ring up or even visit the surgery and then arrange collection of the medicines which can fall due at awkward times and can be subject to disruption from illness or weather.

Pharmacy to my Door brings you a repeat prescription delivery service which takes all the worry, hassle and inconvenience out of repeat medicines.  Because our service is a fresh offering, it has been built from scratch with the needs and requirements of the 21st century care system very much in mind.

So easy to use

Just create an account on our website and once you have registered, you can enjoy a simple and seamless service whatever your needs and requirements.  Our design anticipates all the myriad variations and changes that you may need to make for your residents and these have been built into the automation.

  1. Manage your requests at the click of a button without the need to either pick up the phone or go out
  2. Control numerous accounts for different patients
  3. Set up electronic reminders
  4. Change patients details on the prescription
  5. Store multiple delivery addresses
  6. Seamlessly liaise with your GP surgery

There is an increasing movement within the NHS to automate as many key services as possible in order to achieve savings in both time and money.  However, with different residents registered with different surgeries, it can present a piecemeal and unwieldy picture.

Pharmacy to my Door has simplified the entire process with its bespoke repeat prescription delivery service pulling together all the different threads and using technology to accurately reflect and collate changes, amendments and different variations thus promoting efficiency and avoiding human error.

Premier patient care

Our robust and secure system puts patient care at the heart of our service.  We can integrate and resolve all the different challenges of repeat prescriptions with our online fully digitalised service saving you time and money and ensuring a thorough and efficient service for your care home.  We invite you to look at our website and see how we can transform your repeat prescription function.

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