The infant skin is very delicate and lacks efficient barrier protection as the outermost layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) has not fully developed. Consequently, early infants have an extremely high transepidermal water loss (TEWL) through their skin and are more vulnerable to stresses. Coupled with a weaker resilience and structural integrity, the diapered environment can create even more impediments to skin health.

Baby wipes have become an indispensable part of daily life for many families. As the usage of baby wipes has increased with time, the baby wipes have constantly improving to meet changing customer needs, with notable advances in skin health features. Many online pharmacies are the best choice to buy baby products in Deddington for their quality, reliability and affordability.

Gentle Care for Diapered Skin

The soft skin around a baby’s diaper area is usually exposed to wetness, urine, and poop. Their soft skin near that area has more folds and creases than other areas, which can make it hard to clean thoroughly. This is the main factor in why most babies experience at least one case of diaper rash.

To prevent the diaper rash, frequent diaper changing and cleansing to remove urine and faecal enzymes from the skin is required. At each changing, it's essential to clean the skin thoroughly. Using gentle wipes such as Pampers Baby Wipes can help make this job easy and quick. Application of various baby creams and using super absorbent disposable diapers can also reduce the likelihood of diaper rash.

Why is gentle, efficient cleansing important?

The healthy baby skin has a natural pH balance. But the skin pH increases due to the mess from dirty diapers. The high value of pH can make the baby's skin more susceptible to the irritants that can cause a rash. Regularly cleaning the skin with Baby Wipes can remove such irritants and help restore the skin's natural, healthy pH balance.

While water and a washcloth are usually seen as the basic solution for cleaning the baby's skin, water can't effectively remove oily substances from the skin quickly, and water alone doesn't give pH-buffering action. In fact, sometimes water can negatively impact skin physiology over the time and does not present an advantage over other cleaning methods such as the use of baby wipes. Also, if sponges or washcloths are used, they can generate too much friction against a baby's soft skin or can reintroduce some harmful skin contaminants if they are reused before washing.

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