Repeat Prescriptions Ordered Online

It has been reported that more than 80 per cent of patients usually miss their dose. And the complication of missing a dose although might be mild in some cases, it could also be serious.

Aside from, the cases where patients have their drugs with them and forgot to take it, there are instances where patients missed their dose because they ran out of it and were unable to get to their doctor to order for a new batch.

Pharmacy to my door is a reputable online pharmacy that offers a nationwide prescription delivery service direct to your home or place of work. Our aim as is to provide a seamless prescription service to all patients, taking away the need to travel to your local pharmacy.

One of our great packages is repeat prescriptions ordered online which ensures you are never out of your medication ― saving time for both patients and doctors.

Your physician will authorize your repeat medication and how long you should repeat it. With us, you won’t need to repeatedly visit your doctor for new orders. We deliver authentic drugs to your doorstep fast and always on time before you are out of your last dose.

Our team always ensure you get these prescriptions at competitive prices giving you a combo with the delivery package.

In case you will like your repeat description kept secret and do not want your neighbours to notice when you visit a local pharmacy, then our repeat prescription ordered online is your best confidant. Pharmacy to my door will never disclose your prescription info to anyone ― we guide it close to our heart.

You can also take advantage of our online doctor service for instant and confidential diagnoses of any condition. We are your sure bet when it comes to instant and clandestine treatment of your clinical condition.