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If you have eczema, you know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable. While your symptoms may not always be with you, a flare up in symptoms can cause itchy, red, dry and cracked skin, creating unwanted pain that needs relief.

Thankfully, there are prescription medications and remedies to help eczema sufferers and their skin. Your best defence against your next flare up is the knowledge to quickly treat and manage your symptoms. With the right approach, you will be on your way to relief and healing.

What causes eczema?
There is not a single known cause for eczema and it can be difficult to determine what your personal triggers may be. It can be more common in people with allergies, and can run in your family, developing in childhood or later as an adult.

Speak with your doctor to determine what may be causing or aggravating your condition and for personalised treatment advice. For many eczema sufferers, triggers can be anything from to stress, to food, to home cleaning products or even the weather. Some people will experience only small areas of irritation, commonly on hands, elbows or scalp, where others will experience larger patches of inflamed and irritated skin all over the body.

It’s great to know that there are many helpful treatments to soothe your skin and make your life more comfortable if you’re living with eczema. For serious cases, your doctor may prescribe topical corticosteroids or oral steroids, which can greatly reduce symptoms. As stress can also aggravate your symptoms, you may want to arrange to have your prescription medication delivered to your doorstep for ease of use.

While in the midst of a flare up, it’s will save you time to order medicine online in the UK so you can focus on managing your symptoms at home. Seeking out repeat prescription services in Kineton can ensure you always have your chosen medication and treatments readily on hand.

Although there is no cure for eczema, most people can manage symptoms quite effectively. In addition to medication, reducing stress can boost to your immune system, and moisturising lotions and creams can provide relief. Try to resist the urge to scratch and best of luck in managing and treating your eczema symptoms.