Order repeat prescription online

Online pharmacies have made it easy for patients who need repeat prescriptions to access this in the most efficient manner. They not only save them on money and time, but they have become a lifesaver literally saving people from having to physically make an order of their prescription.

It is therefore important to understand what you need in order to get your repeat prescription online.

What is an EPS (Electronic Prescription Service)?

This is part of the NHS services that give your GP the mandate to send your repeat prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. It is important to consult with your GP so that they can give to a given GP online services. This makes it easier to connect with your GP and also easing the process of getting your repeat prescription.

What you need to get started:

•    You have to provide the patient details

•    You also need to give the details of your GP

•    The most important thing is to provide the details of the prescription that you need.

How it works

•    You begin by requesting your repeat prescription from a pharmacy such as NHS pharmacy Wellesbourne

•    The pharmacy would then request for your medicine from your GP.

•    They would then inform you of when your order is ready for picking and from where this can be picked from, other pharmacies would even deliver this to your door!


Most pharmacies online usually take a couple of days to get your prescription to you. It is important too, therefore, be in the know of how long this takes. The common procedure amongst most of these pharmacies is you request the prescription from your GP and the moment they receive this, they immediately start processing the order for delivery. NHS pharmacy Wellesbourne offers this service.

Ordering repeat prescription online can greatly cut on costs for you and save you a lot of time. You should definitely give it a try!