Seniors are more likely to take multiple pills at a time. They’re also more sensitive to medicines’ effects, both therapeutic and adverse. Declining vision, hearing, and memory also contribute to medical risks. The essential tips below will help you prevent such mistakes and any adverse drug reactions.

Safe medicine use is a shared responsibility between you, your doctor, and the pharmacist. Know your medicines and ask questions if you’re not sure anything about the drug.

Follow directions.
Always try to follow your doctor’s regulations about taking medications. There are often important reasons to take a drug at a specific dose and time.

Keep a list.
A thorough list of all your current medications, including the times and reasons you take each one, will help your healthcare providers adjust your drugs and identify possible interactions. Don’t leave out over-the-counter drugs, herbal medications, and any added supplements.

Read drug prescriptions and labels.
Read new drug prescriptions before leaving your doctor’s office and ask all the question questions if the instructions seem vague and unclear. Do the same with labels when you get the medication.

Avoid others’ drugs.
Taking other people’s medications may cause adverse reactions or interactions. Never take prescription medicines your doctor has not prescribed for you.

Store medicines properly.
Usually, the medicines should be stored in a dry place at the room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and out of the children’s reach; others may need refrigeration. Throw away expired drugs, which may be ineffective or even toxic.

If you are in doubt, ask.
Your physician and pharmacist are valuable resources for the information on any drug. Your questions help them grasp what additional information to give you.

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