The mechanism of hearing is very complex and though we have a little understanding of how the ear works, there are few simple but highly effective ways of caring for your ears. Read on to know more -

1. Use earplugs or earmuffs for loud musictips on how to care for your ears
Protect your ears by getting away from loud noise regularly. It can take up to 16 hrs of quiet time to recover from a single excessively loud night out. A regular 5-minute break will help your ears to recover but wearing earmuffs or earplugs can give some extra protection.

2. Don’t listen to your music player at a high volume
Not being able to hear the external sounds when your headphones are on, or if the person next to you can listen to it too, means it’s too loud. It is advised that for an MP3 player or similar device, 60% volume for an hour a day is enough.

3. Keep the volume as low on the radio and TV
Exposure to loud sounds can harm your ears and if you have to shout to make yourself heard, the volume is too loud. A small reduction in noise can make all the difference for the better.

4. Rail against workplace noise
If you work in, or near to, an environment where you are bothered by the noise and your hearing is being affected, speak to your office HR Manager.

5. Loud music in the car
It’s tempting to have our much-loved songs blasting out as we drive around. Heavy noise in a confined space puts unnecessary pressure on your eardrums.

6. Don’t use cotton buds
Using buds is a basic but improper way to remove wax. Earwax is normal and self-cleans your ear, preventing the dust and particles from getting in. Inserting cotton buds or tissues in the ear can also harm your eardrum.

7. Use ear wax solution
You can get some ear wax removal options in any Shipston on Stour online pharmacy that will soften the wax. It flows out under its own steam.