You can quickly treat heat stress, but preventing it beforehand is even better. Here are some essential steps you should know to do them both. Heat problems are faced by everyone, especially the very young and adult population, those who have diabetes which disrupts the body’s temperature controlling mechanism, and those working directly in the heat. Heat issues themselves come in three categories:

  • Heat crampsHeat Stress at Work
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heatstroke.

Collectively, these three conditions are known as heat stress. For heat cramps, the gout of the hot environment, stop using your large muscles, drink water, and replace electrolytes.

For heat exhaustion, immediately get out of the heat and take off any excessive clothing, especially around the head and neck. Drink a litre of water, lie down with your feet up. Start a fan for cooling. The heat problem should go away in about half an hour. If not, seek immediate medical attention.

Heatstroke is a medical emergency.
Your first and highest goal is to lower the core temperature of the body by any means available. Those include having cold packs on the neck, groin and armpits, covering with wet sheets or towels, and placement in an AC room. It’s completely understandable if all of this has you looking for ways to prevent these heat conditions rather than having to treat them.  Follow these tips to steer clear from heat issues.

Before any activity starts, have workers drink lots of fluid.

Drink flavoured water.
Plain water quenches thirst too instantly, so workers tend not to drink enough of it.

Acclimate to the heat slowly.
For new workers, organise a 20% increase of time in the temperature for each day to get habitual to the heat slowly.

Don’t wear a hat.
It restricts heat loss through the head. Workers operating in direct sunlight can wear a good quality visor.

Wear loose, thin synthetic fabrics.
They help the skin stay cool through the evaporation. Avoid cotton as it soaks up the sweat, preventing dehydration.

Wear your PPE
No matter what the temperature. It can’t shield you if it’s not on you. If it’s annoying, take frequent breaks.

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