Can frequent travellers benefit from NHS repeat prescription service?

NHS repeat prescriptions in Wellesbourne

When your doctor or healthcare provider has prescribed you an NHS medication long-term, it’s because they believe it will have a therapeutic benefit to your health. They will initially explain what the medication is used for, how to take it, and about any potential risks. This isn’t information that needs to be given each and every time you request the medication so you shouldn’t need to see your doctor every time you need a refill.

Despite this, many people are still receiving their prescriptions the old-fashioned way.  They have to request the medication from their surgery, wait for it to be approved, then pick up the prescription to have it filled. This can take days to complete and can become quite a chore.

Most surgeries use electronic prescription services so you may be able to request your medications online and have them sent to your pharmacy without you needing to see anyone in person. While this is faster, it can still be a hassle if you have to do it every time you need more medication.

If you’d like a stress-free way to order your medications, contact Pharmacy to My Door to discuss our NHS repeat prescription service in Kineton.

NHS Repeat Prescriptions from PTMD

We can take on most of the work that goes into repeat prescriptions. To get started, sign up on our website or notify your GP surgery that you’d like us to be your nominated pharmacy. When you need medication, we’ll contact your surgery for you and, once approved, dispense your medicine. We can even deliver your prescriptions right to your doorstep!

If you normally pay for your prescriptions, you will still need to do so, but there are no extra costs to you or the NHS for us to dispense and deliver your medicine.

Can Frequent Travellers Benefit from NHS Repeat Prescriptions?

Our lives are busy so anywhere we it’s important to save time and stress wherever we can. If you travel often, it can be near impossible to stay in regular contact with your GP. By signing up for PTMD’s NHS repeat prescriptions in Wellesbourne, you can manage your medication requests online no matter where you are in the world.

Contact Pharmacy to My Door today to sign up for NHS repeat prescriptions in Chipping Norton and Chipping Campden.

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