Can you get a repeat prescription without going to the doctors?

Repeat prescription

Everyone knows that it’s not always easy to get in to see your NHS GP. However, many of the services people see their GP for can be handled expertly by your local pharmacist. UK pharmacists must train for at least 5 years in not only the use of medicines but in managing minor ailments and giving health and wellbeing advice.

An added bonus to using a pharmacist is that you don’t always need an appointment and they often have opening hours that are better suited to your schedule. There’s also no need to worry about getting medical help in the pharmacy storefront. Your privacy and information will be safeguarded with many services carried out in a private consultation room.

Some of the services a pharmacist can provide include providing clinical advice on minor illnesses and injuries, carrying out diagnostic testing, administering vaccinations, and requesting your repeat prescriptions.

NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery in Brailes and Bloxham

An NHS repeat prescription is a medication you take on a regular basis. Since it’s not a one-off medication, you usually don’t need to see your GP to get a refill. With advances in technology, you often don’t even need to contact your GP directly when your medicine is due to run out.

With pharmacies like Pharmacy to My Door, you can electronically request your repeat prescription and have it delivered right to your home at no extra cost. Simply nominate us as your preferred pharmacy with your GP. Once this is done, you can request your medication through us, your GP online portal, or another relevant NHS app.

As soon as your medication request is approved by your GP, our highly trained pharmacists will dispense it, usually on the same day. If you elect to have your medication delivered, we’ll have it dispatched right away.

For the best prescription delivery services and same-day NHS repeat prescription delivery, entrust PTMD. We are one of the UK’s most reliable NHS repeat prescription pharmacies, doing all we can to make medication management work for our patients.

If you need NHS repeat prescription delivery in Stratford-Upon-Avon or Moreton-in-Marsh, contact us today or sign up online.

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