Care home Pharmacists can help to improve the quality of life for their patients.

Medication Management with Care Home Pharmacies

Once we reach a certain age, we may need more help than our loved ones can provide. Care homes are assisted living facilities that provide 24/7 care for those who are unable to care for themselves. Residents of a care home have all their needs met, from lodging to meals, to medications.

Staff at care homes work hard to ensure their residents have the highest quality of life. To help free up time and resources, many care homes are now utilising the services of care home pharmacies. Instead of spending countless hours sorting and organising medications, or performing all the admin that comes with medication management, care home staff have more time to spend on their residents.

Medication Management with Care Home Pharmacies

Care Home Pharmacies specialise in all that comes with medications for care home residents. Most residents are on multiple medications and strict medication regimes, so it’s important that medication management runs smoothly, correctly, and efficiently.

When you work with a care home pharmacist from Pharmacy to My Door, you’ll receive a dedicated pharmacist who will handle all aspects of medication management. This includes dispensing, ordering, and refilling medications. They can also act as liaisons between patients and doctors, and carry out medication reviews. Your care home pharmacist will soon become an important part of the health care of your residents.

Other care home pharmacy services:

  • General health advice
  • Information about medicines
  • Advice on minor ailments
  • Training for care home staff
  • Mid-cycle medicine changes
  • Emergency prescriptions
  • In-house auditing for enhanced medication safety

Care Home Pharmacy Services from PTMD

Improve your residents’ quality of life by working with a care home pharmacy in Brailes and Chipping Norton through PTMD. We will tailor our services to fit the exact needs of your care home, ensuring that your residents receive the personalised care they deserve. You will not only be providing an extra level of care but will be freeing your busy staff from the daily admin of medications. This also reduces medicine waste and errors.

Contact PTMD today to discuss how our care home pharmacy in Moreton in Marsh and Wellesbourne can help.

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