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"The best service provision is based on a model that revolves around the needs of the patient and care home management. We need to continually adapt to make sure we never lose sight of that."

Company Overview

  • Established in 2002.
  • 19 Sites in Southern England.
  • Over 220 Employees.
  • We serve over 50 Homes with approximately 1500 beds. (Equivalent to a large teaching hospital).
  • Experienced pharmacists who have been serving care homes for over 30 years.

Pharmacy To My Door Group has been servicing nursing and residential homes for over 10 years.

The company owes its success to the development and implementation of new training methods and strategies for specialist care home services.

The management team are innovative and forward thinking and are continually seeking solutions for our care home partners. We use a multidisciplinary approach ensuring involvement from the GP, the home management, the healthcare staff and most importantly the patients.

A rigorous audit and training regime make up the backbone of the Pharmacy To My Door care home service. We have developed audits and inspections with CQC formats which are unannounced and carried out bi-annually. They are designed to ensure the home maintains the best standards and achieves a 3 star status.

The training offered to care homes is central to ensuring all care home staff, from RGN's to HCA's, are fully prepared for their role.

Care Home Pharmacy


  • Healthcare Commission, Commission for Social Care and the Mental Health Commission were abolished in March 2009.
  • Empowered patients and carers begin using these reports to make informed choices of their preferred care setting.
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) was formed to regulate standards and monitoring of NHS and Private Care.
  • Pharmacy To My Door devises new strategies of services that work in partnership with care homes.
  • Rigorous audits and inspections led care homes to fail on many of the regulations set out in the Health & Social Care Bill 2009.

Care homes services have changed markedly over the last few years.

Additional governmental and public scrutiny have put a spotlight on care provided for the most vulnerable in our society. Although the vast majority of care settings met the required standards, some homes were unable to.

CQC are obliged to set rigorous standards for the safety of clients using care services.

With CQC reports made publicly available, patients, families and carers are now able to assess any care home. Any non-compliance of the standards framework set by CQC can label the home inadequate from a patient or carer's perspective.

Pharmacy To My Door works in partnership with the care home to ensure all relevant CQC standards are met.

Care Home Pharmacy

The Pharmaceutical Service

  • We collect prescriptions from surgeries and care homes.
  • We will dispense prescriptions till 6pm for same day delivery.
  • Any mid-cycle changes or prescriptions (for example, antibiotics on doctors rounds) will be actioned and delivered on the same day, with MAR charts.
  • We audit monthly repeats to implement any changes that have been made by the G.P thereby freeing up care home staff.
  • We accept emergency prescriptions by facsimile from surgery or care home.
  • The home will have a pharmacist specializing in care home provision as a single point of contact. They will liaise with surgeries and hospitals on behalf of the care home.

The basic functions of dispensing medicines to a care home are universal to every pharmacy.

The difference between a good and bad service lies in the detail.

Large multiple pharmacy chains often service care homes with a one-size-fits-all solution. The care home is just a small cog in a large wheel. The requirement for each care home and client is unique and must be treated as such.

Delivery of care home services by small independent pharmacy companies tend to be more flexible in their approach, however they fall down with respect to advice and audit that are now essential to help a care home fine tune standards and procedures.

Pharmacy To My Door has grown by identifying this gap in the market and has excelled to become a leading innovator in the ever-changing provision of medicines to care homes. With the flexibility of a small provider, and the back-up and training capabilities of a large provider, Pharmacy To My Door is able to offer a totally comprehensive service.

Every new home is assessed by one of our pharmacists using CQC guidelines. This is a document specifically designed to firstly audit the home to highlight deficiencies in medicines management and secondly outline any issues to specific to that home.

Care Home Pharmacy

So what’s new?

  • We carry out two audits per year. These follow a structured framework specifically designed by Pharmacy To My Door to ensure your care home conforms to outcome 9 (regulation 13) Management of Medicines.
  • We will guarantee any prescription or fax received before 6pm will de delivered the same day with a printed MAR chart.
  • Training: We provide training for care home staff twice a year. The audits are used to identify gaps in knowledge and plan training.
  • We will pre-visit the care home before a CQC visit.
  • Training is tailored for RGN’s and also for HCA’s who are aspiring to be RGN’s. All training is provided by accredited care home pharmacists.
  • will implement new systems to ensure the care home is fully compliant with CQC standards.

The care home service we offer has evolved over the last 10 years.

We have constantly been adapting our processes to make the service second-to-none. We realized that to differentiate ourselves from our competitors we needed to provide a complete and bespoke medicine management provision. This is realized only by working with all stakeholders and closely liaising with CQC.

The Pharmacy To My Door team provides audits and training that comply with the training matrix required by CQC for the care-home to be fully compliant. The provision of this service is provided by our team of in-house accredited pharmacists.

We work with the care home management team to evolve and develop new and innovative ways to comply with CQC requirements. CQC and care homes guidance is constantly evolving and we ensure that all our care home customers are able to navigate through the myriad of regulations.

Training Topics

  • CQC and their requirements
  • Safe Handling and Control of Medicines
  • MDS Systems
  • Topical Formulations
  • Palliative Care
  • Controlled Drugs
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Alzheimer's and Dementia
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Dressings and Wound care
  • Care for the elderly
  • Stoma and Ostomy care
  • Nutritional Supplements and Foods
  • Respiratory Care
Please Note: This list is not exhaustive and courses are being added continually. If a care home is deficient in a particular area, our specialist training team can tailor a course specifically for them. When courses are completed, the participants and the care home will receive a certificate. This can be logged as part of the care homes CPD record.

Good staff training is in the heart of any well run care home.

Most care homes cater for a particular type of patient e.g.EMI, Dementia, High Dependency etc… Due to the different types of patients and the dynamics of their conditions the number of prescribed drugs will vary greatly. We help train and support the staff to ensure that they are best equipped to advise and administer the medicines they are dealing with on a day to day basis.

We tailor our training courses so they target continuing educational development which is most relevant to the home. This allows the staff to focus on issues most likely to be prevalent in each setting.

Care Home Provider

Q’s to ask about your current provider

  • Do they provide accredited training sessions?
  • Do you have a direct point of contact who you can raise issues with?
  • Do they conduct Audits?
  • Would they accompany you during a CQC visit if asked?
  • Are they aware of CQC outcomes and requirements?
  • Do they liaise with the GP to highlight issues at the home?
  • Do they keep abreast of the changing regulatory environment that governs medication in care homes?
  • Are they happy to accompany the GP on ward rounds?
  • Do they deliver medicines the same day? If so what time is their cut off?

So your interested?...

If you are interested and would like to know more about the services we offer, please contact either one of our clinical care home advisors. They are qualified pharmacists who are more than happy to go through the details of our service. It is difficult to convey all the various aspects of the Care Home service on paper. A face to face meeting with one of our advisors is non obligatory and is completely free of charge.

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Care Home Provider
Care Home Provider