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What Is A Care Home Pharmacy?

Care home managers and nurses tend to have a huge responsibility when it comes to prescriptions, assisting with medical needs and managing repeat prescriptions for residents and clients. As austerity has an increasing impact on services, many pharmacies may not look at partnering with care homes as a profitable venture.

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How To Care For Dementia Patients In Care Homes?

Having a relative diagnosed with dementia can be a heartbreaking experience for you both. At first, you may care for your relative yourself, then you may consider bringing in some supportive assistance and you may also consider placing your relative in a care home if your family member requires around the clock care.

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Keeping Older Loved Ones Warm in Winter

Keeping Older Loved One’s Warm in Winter

As we age, our circulation decreases as the walls of our blood vessels lose their elasticity. When the blood moves more slowly throughout our bodies, extremities will feel colder and also become cold more quickly.

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Our Contribution to Care Home Services A Guide

Our Contribution To Care Home Services – A Guide

As the older generation is living for longer than ever before, many of us will have a friend or relative who is living in a care home facility in the local area. Care homes offer older people, or those with medical requirements, as much independence as possible whilst ensuring they feel safe, protected, and well looked after. At Pharmacy to My Door, we offer care home services in Birmingham and the surrounding area to ensure residents receive the best possible pharmaceutical care.

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Six benefits of a care home pharmacy service

Six Benefits Of A Care Home Pharmacy Service

One of the most significant tasks for any care home is organising the medicines of its residents.  This can be complicated as many are on multiple daily medications which are subject to frequent variation.  Organising and dispensing medicines is, therefore, a key task for care home staff and there is a lot of administration associated with this process not to mention the care and attention required over the identity of the drug and confirming the correct dosage.

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Advantages of home healthcare services

Advantages of Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare services offer all the advantages of qualified professional care whilst allowing the recipient to remain in their home environment.  They are an alternative to care home services and often the first choice of many people if they are given the option.  Care may be tailored to the specific needs of the individual and can be short-term following an operation or long term to manage declining health and mobility.

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Finding the best care home for your loved ones

Finding The Best Care Home For Your Loved One

When faced with finding a care home or nursing home for yourself or a family member, the choice can be overwhelming. Deciding where to live is not to be taken lightly, and there are some key factors to consider when viewing potential homes.

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What makes a good care home

What Makes A Good Care Home?

Choosing care home services for a parent or treasured elderly relative is a complex, expensive and onerous commitment.  It is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make for a family member and you want to be absolutely certain in your mind that you have opted for the best possible care for your loved one.

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Benefits of Care Home Services

Benefits Of Care Home Services

Why not take a look at our how Pharmacy to your Door is reinventing the delivery of medicines to care home services in Redditch. We continue to invest in cutting edge technology to service the increasing demands of the burgeoning care home and nursing home sector with a fresh offering beyond the wildest dreams of the high street chemist.

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