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How Physical Health Problems Can Affect Your Mental Health

How Physical Health Problems Can Affect Your Mental Health?

We tend to pay attention to our physical health and increasingly more, our mental health, though we should collectively consider the impact of physical health on mental health going forward. Research has shown that poor physical health can lead to mental health conditions such as depression

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Why Should I See a GP First

Why Should I See A GP First?

A GP is a general practitioner who acts as a springboard for all your health concerns, mental or physical. A GP can assess and signpost a patient to appropriate specialist services as well as dispensing medicines for more minor issues. 

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How to see a GP during lockdown

How To See A GP During Lockdown?

You may find it difficult to see your GP during lockdown periods because the surgery is closed or restricted.  It may also be more difficult to get an appointment because there are lots of sick people particularly as we head into the winter. 

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Benefits of Private GP Services

Benefits Of Private GP Services

With the best determination in the world, it can still be hard to access an appointment with your GP when you need one and we all understand why; the NHS is stretched to a breaking point.

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10 Insider tips that you didn t know about your GP

10 Insider Tips That You Didn’t Know About Your GP

Most people don’t give a second thought about how their local medical practice is run but just stop for a moment and read some of the key tips taken from this Guide about General Practitioners.  Knowing how the system works could help you get more out of it.  If you are frustrated about getting appointments at your local surgery, you should consider using a private GP service in Solihull or a private GP service in Birmingham.  These are all staffed by the same GPs you would see in your regular practice.

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How do Private GP Services Work

How Do Private GP Services Work?

When you feel unwell, you want to take medical advice as quickly as possible, so it can be upsetting to find out that there aren’t any appointments available. Sadly, the NHS is under strain like never before, and so it is not uncommon to find it difficult to see your own GP when you most need an appointment. 

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