We hope that you will be happy with your order but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with us and you would like to make a formally complaint, it would have to be written for m. We will accept letter, fax or email. Please make sure it contains these

•    The issue you want to make complaint about.
•    If you have previously spoken to anyone about your complaint, let us know.
•    If anything has been done to try and resolve it or otherwise.
•    Let us know why you consider the outcome unsatisfactory.
•    A suggestion of how you want the matter to be resolved would be welcome.

Please make sure your complaint also contain import information such as your contact such as address, telephone number and any other details pertinent to your complaint. We may need to contact you and that is why all these details are important. It is also important that you tell us preferred way you will like us to contact you. For example, if made initial contact by email, please state if our response by email is preferable.

If you prefer to post your complaint please use the address below:

United Pharmacy

68 St Dunstan's Street
Canterbury, Kent CT2 8BN

Or email your complaint to:

All complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt and agreement reached with the complainant about the expected time scale and outcome of the investigation. Your confidentiality will be respected at all times and the patient’s consent will be sought where complaints are made by anybody other than the patient themselves. Our manager will undertake a thorough investigation of events and seek to address all aspects of your complaint. Every effort will be made to keep your informed of progress and for a final response to be sent to the complainant by us within the agreed timescale.