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Prepare for future flights and summer travel opportunities with Fit to Fly Certification through PCR Testing at PTMD. Get reliable results for holiday readiness

Fit to Fly Certification

Current protocol requires anyone travelling to prove their negative COVID-19 status. This is achieved through obtaining a Fit to Fly Certificate by undergoing a Fit to Fly Covid Test. This test ensures that all travellers have clinically tested negative for the virus which has caused a global pandemic. Reducing the spread of this disease is a key factor which contributes to further methods of outbreak control.

When is a Fit to Fly Test Required ?

A Fit to Fly Covid Test is only required if you intend to travel outside of the country in which you reside. UK Residents may be required to show one upon boarding any airline en route to any country, and the same goes for residents of other locations attempting to enter the UK.

Up-to-date information including red listed countries with temporary travel restrictions can be found on the UK’s government website. Obtaining your Fit to Fly certificate does not guarantee your travel, but it does enable the possibility. 

Fit to Fly Covid Test Required
How is a Fit to Fly Test Administered

How is a Fit to Fly Test Administered?

The Fit to Fly Certification is given to those who have undergone a PCR Swab Test, a quick process in which a long cotton bud is inserted into the nasopharyngeal area where your nasal cavity meets the back of your throat. A swab is taken and then analysed for any presence of the virus. The Fit to Fly PCR Test provides accredited results with physician endorsement to accommodate ever evolving airline and government mandated travel guidelines. The PCR test for travel does analyse for active infection of the Covid virus. It does not analyse any sample for previous Covid infection which you may have recovered from.

Why Take A PCR Test?

A PCR Test is deemed as the “gold standard” in detecting infectious diseases like COVID-19. It works by collecting respiratory material samples through swab collection and is responsible for the tally of infections and mortalities reported on each day by global media. Because PCR testing reliably provides accurate results, it is a trusted method of choice for establishing your Fit to Fly eligibility.
Why Take A PCR Test

Please contact Pharmacy To My Door, if you have any intentions to travel. We can ensure you are prepared for your trip with a Fit to Fly Certificate and vaccinations offered through our private Travel Clinic Services.