Dosette Box Service


We are delighted to be able to support you with our dosette box service.

For just £10 a month, you will continue to benefit from complete support for your medication management in the form of:
weekly dosette boxes with four daily timeslots
automatic re-ordering and dosette box delivery (can include other regular items if required)
unlimited deliveries (for all items including new items, creams, inhalers etc)
SMS to let you know your medication is with one of our trusted delivery partners
a direct line to our dedicated team making your dosette boxes at our office

Please also read through the information below to ensure this service best suits your needs and if you’d like to go ahead, please click the button below to set up your regular payment*

Once set up, a £10 monthly payment will be taken automatically via GoCardless and then each month on/around the first of the month. Please note if you need to suspend the service (if you go into respite or hospital for example), you can pause payments until such time as you need the service again. Please let us know that you are doing this. Please note if a payment fails for any reason, Pharmacy To My Door will send your medications in original boxes.

Sadly, there is a reducing number of pharmacies able to offer this lifeline to their customers as providing this service attracts no additional NHS funding. We are an independent pharmacy managing your dosette in one place from prescription to production, checking and delivery. We are committed to providing this invaluable service to our customers and believe it is a service worth continuing to support independence and medication management.

About your medications:

  • All medications can only be supplied following receipt of a prescription from your GP Surgery, where appropriate we will contact you if we have difficulty in obtaining this.
  • Please note that not all medications are suitable for dosette boxes and medications prescribed as ‘when required’ will not be dosetted.
  • As your ‘Nominated Pharmacy’, we will usually be sent all prescriptions issued by your doctor. Please call us if you are expecting anything outside of your usual dosette delivery so that we can deliver this sooner if required.
  • Urgent medications can be collected locally when required, please call us if you would like us to arrange for a prescription to be returned for local collection. Please also ask the pharmacy you use not to nominate you to their pharmacy as this could delay future deliveries.
  • Due to national issues with sourcing specific medications, we may be forced to use alternative brands to those photographed. In this instance, please be assured a pharmacist has checked your pillpack to ensure all medications are present.

Our request to you for the future:

  • For ALL medication changes, please keep us updated via telephone on 01608 666017 (option 1) as we may not have been informed by your doctor.
  • For occasions when you require your pillpacks early, such as for a holiday, please provide us with a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice so that we can request prescriptions and schedule production early. Where notice is not possible and we are not able to create pillpacks early, we will send medications in original boxes.
  • If you are admitted to hospital for any reason, please ensure you are discharged with enough medication for at least two weeks. Please inform us immediately following discharge on 01608 666017 (option 1) and get in contact with your GP to ensure they have received your discharge information as this is not always passed on through the NHS system.
  • *T&Cs apply. Further information is available on our website.
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    Wondering what will work best for you? 

    Don’t hesitate – speak to our pharmacist for personalised advice on sinusitis relief!

    What are some effective home remedies for Sinusitis?

    Sinusitis can be caused by various factors, and it’s important to identify these triggers for personalised care.


    Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

    Warm Compresses

    Apply warm compresses to alleviate facial pain.


    Maintain adequate fluid intake.

    Saline Nasal Irrigation

    Rinse nasal passages with a saline solution.


    Allow your body ample time for rest and recovery.

    Wondering what will work best for you? 

    Don’t hesitate – speak to our pharmacist for personalised advice on sinusitis relief!