Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of repeat prescriptions.

benefits and drawbacks of repeat prescriptions

A repeat prescription is a medication you take regularly. You usually do not have to see your GP each time you need a refill on your medications. Instead, you request your prescription each month with only periodic in-person medicine reviews.

The process of getting a repeat prescription varies from surgery to surgery and it’s not uncommon for people to feel frustrated at how difficult it can be to get the medication they need.

Thanks to electronic repeat prescriptions, people can use apps and online portals to request their medications. This can save a lot of time and headaches, especially if they regularly take one or more medications.

Pros and Cons of Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are a simpler, more hassle-free way to get the medications you regularly take. Before electronic repeat prescriptions, most of us had to travel to our GP surgery each month to request our medications. We may have even had to go back to pick up the paper prescription. Given that GP surgeries have limited opening hours, you might have had to take off time from work to do this.

When done electronically, repeat prescriptions rarely require much work on the patient’s part. Simply make a request online with your GP or pharmacist, and your pharmacist will take over from there. Once the prescription is received, they will dispense it and, if they offer it, have your prescriptions delivered to your home. If it’s an NHS prescription, delivery is usually free of charge.

This system is ideal for people with some familiarity with completing tasks online. However, those who are less tech-savvy or do not have anyone to help them, they may not be able to benefit from this system.

Not all GP surgeries have signed up to do electronic prescriptions or have a portal that allows you to order your medications online. This means that their patients will have to continue requesting prescriptions in person or over the phone.

NHS Repeat Prescriptions in Bloxham

Repeat medications are made easy with Pharmacy to My Door. Save time and effort by requesting your NHS repeat prescription in Brailes through Pharmacy to My Door. Once approved and dispensed, we will have your NHS repeat prescription in Kineton and Stratford-upon-Avon shipped right to your door at no extra cost to you or the NHS. .

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