Discuss the benefits of getting vaccinated against the flu

Benefits of the Flu Vaccine

The flu virus changes and evolves over time which is why a new flu jab is required each year. While most people will recover on their own from the flu, it can be very dangerous. The flu puts thousands in hospital each year and results in an alarming amount of deaths.

One of the benefits of the flu vaccine is that when you get the vaccine, you’re not only protecting yourself but the community at large.

Other Benefits of the Flu Vaccine

Our immunity to viruses isn’t as high as it used to be due to how much time we all spent in lockdowns. As society gets back to normal, we’re once again being exposed to viruses like colds and flus. If you get the flu at the same time as covid, your body will have to work very hard to heal itself. Having covid and the flu at the same time increases your risk of serious illness and complications. By getting the flu jab, you’ll be protecting yourself from the flu and lessening the strain on your immune system.

The flu jab also reduces the spread of the virus across the wider community, including those who are considered high-risk. Elderly people, the very young, and people with health conditions are more likely to suffer complications from the flu. The fewer people who have the flu, the less it will spread. This also puts less pressure on our already overwhelmed NHS.

In addition to helping those around you, you’ll also be protecting yourself from feeling the awful symptoms that come with the flu. They tend to come on suddenly and severely, preventing people from being able to go about their daily lives. The flu can be a very miserable virus but with the vaccine, you’ll be sparing yourself from that misery.

Pharmacy To My Door’s Flu Vaccination Service in Chipping Norton and Brailes

PTMD offers a friendly, convenient, and efficient flu vaccination service in Moreton in Marsh and Wellesbourne. Protect yourself and your loved ones by booking an appointment online. You can also visit us or call us to find out more about our flu vaccination service in Shipston on Stour.

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