Do Patients Have Access to Book Appointments and Request Repeat Prescriptions Online?

Do Patients Have Access to Book Appointments and Request Repeat Prescriptions Online?

Most of us have the ability to choreograph our lives in the palm of our hand. With a smartphone, tablet, or computer, we have a centralised location to manage our busy lives. Britons have come to expect a digital solution for most of their needs, including how they access medical care.

Technology is shifting the dynamic between patients and their GPs. When patients are offered more choice and given more transparency, they are more likely to have better outcomes. Digitised services also improve the efficiency and spending of GP practises.

Digital GP Services
Do you dread booking GP appointments because you have to spend hours on the phone, listening to busy tones or hold music? Spending this kind of time and effort with no result can be extremely frustrating so if you haven’t already, check if your surgery offers online services.

Many surgeries have online portals set up for booking appointments, requesting repeat prescriptions, and to view your medical records and test results. These services give patients a higher level of convenience and more satisfaction with their GP surgery. It also cuts down on patient travel times, puts less pressure on the surgery’s phone lines, and reduces the administrative workload on GP surgery staff.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions Online
If you regularly take a prescription medication, you can save time and stress by requesting your refills online. You may be able to do this through your GP’s website or you can do it directly with a pharmacy like Pharmacy to My Door. An added bonus with PTMD is that we can have your prescriptions delivered right to your doorstep at no extra cost to you or the NHS.

Whenever you are due a refill, we will contact you to check if you need your medication. Once we have the details of your prescriptions, we will liaise electronically with your GP to dispense your medication. We can also implement emergency prescriptions and mid-cycle changes up until 6 pm each day.

Our patients benefit from quick despatch and convenient delivery with our repeat prescription service. Register with our repeat prescription service today to enjoy easy ordering and effortless prescription delivery in the UK.

Sign up for PTMD’s fast, free, and convenient NHS repeat prescription delivery service. Visit our website or nominate us as your preferred pharmacy with your GP surgery.

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