Dosette Box for long-term Medications: Tips to stay on top of your medicine schedule

dosette box pharmacy in Wellesbourne

Medication adherence is a crucial part of staying healthy but is often overlooked. Taking your prescribed medications at the right time of day is important for them to work effectively. Yet many of us don’t worry much about skipping a dose, taking our medications late, or forgetting to refill prescriptions.

The better you are at sticking to a proper medication schedule, the better you’ll feel overall. Here are a few tips from Pharmacy to My Door to help you manage your medications and ensure you take them correctly.

Set an Alarm

Most mobile phones have an alarm function on them so you can set reminders for whenever you need to take your medications. If you have a smart phone, you can also add in a list of the medications you need to take within the alarm app.

Make a Routine

Incorporating your medications into your daily life will get you into the habit of taking them without you even needing to think about it! Aim for activities you do at the same time each day.

If you have to take your medications in the morning, do it as you’re boiling the kettle or after you’ve had breakfast. At night, take your medications before you brush your teeth or change into your pyjamas.

Ask for Help

Let your loved ones and healthcare professionals know if you’re having trouble sticking to your medication regimen. Everyone needs help from time to time and with something as important as your health, don’t be afraid to ask.

Use a Dosette Box

Unlike basic pill organisers, dosette boxes are professionally dispensed by our pharmacists and delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis. As an experienced dosette box pharmacy in Chipping Norton and Chipping Campden, we will clearly label each medication and when you need to take it.

The pills are within easy to open compartments and come with your name, address, and an optional photo so you know you always know you’ve received the right medications.

Pharmacy to My Door is a dosette box pharmacy in Wellesbourne and Brailes helping patients and caregivers safely stick to medication schedules. To simplify your medications, visit our website to sign up for our highly rated dosette box service.

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