Dosette Boxes For Travel: How To Pack And Use Your Medications On The Go

dosette box pharmacy in Stratford

When making a list of everything you need to pack for your next trip, don’t forget to add your medications. Depending on where you’re going, it may not always be easy to get replacements. Going without your medication can have serious consequences so it’s important to pack all the medications you’ll need for your travels.

Travelling with Medication

To ensure that you bring all the medications you need and enough doses to last for your trip, try using a dosette box or pill planner. There are a few different types but the most commonly used type are pill trays. These trays are divided into compartments for each day of the week and may have an additional row for the time of day. By using trays, you have a visual reminder of what you’ve taken and what you need to take.

For example, if you’re going to be travelling for a week, fill each compartment with the pills you take over the course of a week. You may need more than one tray if you’ll be travelling for longer periods of time. It would be beneficial to get different colour trays for each week or to mark them, so you don’t mix them up.

If you’re going to be going through an airport with prescription medications and are using pill trays, keep their original packaging so you can prove to any security or border agents that these are legitimate medications you’ve been prescribed.

Dosette Box Pharmacy in Banbury and Bloxham

For an even more straightforward way to travel with medications, sign up for Pharmacy to My Door’s dosette box service. As a trusted dosette box pharmacy in Stratford Upon Avon, we provide our patients with a simplified and hassle-free way to take their medications.

Our dosette boxes come pre-filled with all your medications and are separated into easy to open compartments. Each box has pictures of your pills and information about what they are, what they treat, and how to take them. For added security, your name and address are on the box along with a barcode for clear tracing.

To find out more about how Pharmacy to My Door’s dosette box pharmacy in Long Compton and Chipping Norton can simplify your medications, continue exploring our website or contact us directly. Our dosette boxes are not only ideal for travel but for everyday medication management.

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