Dosette Boxes For Travel: Keeping Medications Secure On The Go

Secure medication management with dosette boxes for travel

    Summer is here which means many of us will be making the most of the weather by travelling. Whether you’re going abroad of staying somewhere in the UK, you’ll need to remember to bring along any medications you’ve been prescribed. A holiday from your daily life is no excuse for a holiday from your medications!

    If you only take a few medications or won’t be gone for long, you can probably get away with using a small container for your required doses. Those who take multiple medications at specific times or who will be travelling for longer periods will need something more complex. This will ensure that you won’t be left without the medications you need.

    A dosette box is not only an ideal way to manage your medication at home but is also useful when you’re travelling. Before your next trip, contact Pharmacy to My Door, a trusted dosette box pharmacy in Bloxham and Stratford Upon Avon.

    Dosette Boxes for Travel

    PTMD’s dosette boxes come prepackaged with every dose you need to take. These pills are conveniently divided by when you need to take them and are securely sealed so you won’t need to worry about spillage or losing medications.

    There’s also a handy guide included on your dosette box, so you’ll know exactly what you’re taking and when you need to take it. Your name and address will also be clearly labelled on your personalised dosette box. These features can be especially useful if you need to go through customs and have to show proof the medications, you’re bringing with you are necessary and have been prescribed by a doctor.

    When you sign up for our dosette box pharmacy services in Moreton in Marsh, we will send out your next dosette box, so you’ll never miss a dose. If you’re going to be travelling, simply let us know your plans so we can provide you with enough medications to cover your trip.

    Where Can I Get a Dosette Box?

    Signing up for our dosette box service is simple. Contact us to find out more about how to start having your prescriptions delivered to your door from the most trusted Dosette Box pharmacy in Stratford Upon Avon. You can also discuss dosette boxes with your GP or fill out our online enquiry form to have us call you back.

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