Easy Tips for Requesting Your Repeat Prescription

Easy Tips for Requesting Your Repeat Prescription

Some chronic conditions require medication management on a daily basis. This means that you’ll be taking the same medication and dose for a period of time up until your scheduled medication review.  Whether your maintenance medication is new to you or you are “old hat” at taking medication(s) to manage your condition(s), ensuring that your prescription is put into an automated repeat status is far more convenient than leaving it to the last minute and seeking a repeat through the GP at the time you notice you are running out. Repeat prescription service is easy to engage in. It takes the worry out of the process by minimizing the chance you’ll forget and be without necessary meds because you’ve ordered too late or because you find yourself dealing with stocking issues at the chemist. If you have a repeat prescription on file, your medications can be accounted for ahead of time in pharmacy stock orders as well, so you never run out!  If you are looking for NHS repeat prescription service in Brailes, PTMD can help service your repeat prescription online. Visit our website to sign up now.

Step by Step Guide to Request Repeat Prescriptions:

  • Ensure you receive an eligible medication
  • You should be taking the same medication at the same dose and frequency over a period of time, usually between medication reviews. Sometimes in maintenance for a chronic condition.
  • Ask your GP to put your medication on a repeat prescription service
  • Sign up with Pharmacy To My Door
  • Nominate Pharmacy To My Door as your preferred dispensary

It’s that easy!!

Once you have nominated PTMD as your preferred dispensary, we will then take care of everything for you. We will remind you when your prescription repeats are due and all you need to do is confirm the reminder!  PTMD has a wide range of medications in stock at any given time. Choosing to manage your repeat prescriptions online is an excellent way to save time and money as well as taking a lot of headaches concerning the process out of your way. If you need further information, you can always ask your GP or any of our knowledgeable and helpful staff can answer your questions. The signup process is easy and anyone can do it!  Visit our website to get started! 


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