Enhanced Health in Care Homes: a Guide for Care Homes on Pharmacy Services

Enhanced Health in Care Homes: a Guide for Care Homes on Pharmacy Services

Care home management is challenging on a good day.  If each care home were trying to implement individual frameworks and asserting them, it might be chaos.  Families would not know what to look for, and would be less able to identify what an acceptable standardised level of care would be.  This would not be good for families, residents or care homes.  Pharmacy to My Door is one of the enhanced health care home services team members and your care home pharmacy in Bloxham and Stratford upon Avon.

What is enhanced health in care home services? 

The NHS has published the Enhanced Health Care in Homes Framework which provides a clear, standardised framework for delivering healthcare that includes a multi-disciplinary team.  This team includes a GP, any necessary consultant specialists, community based care services, care home staff and pharmacy services.

What role do pharmacy services play?

Section four of the enhanced health framework discusses the best practices for structured medication reviews.  Pharmacy to My Door helps care homes to adhere to these best practices which includes:

  • In a structured medicine review, each medication should be reviewed according to national care homes, SMR guidance, and any relevant local prescribing guidance issued by the area prescribing committee.
  • Care home providers should be supported to have an effective ‘care home medicines policy’ that aims to avoid unnecessary harm, reduce medication errors, optimise the choice and use of medicines with care home residents, and reduce medication waste.
  • Agreeing what medicines the person will take after the SMR and making sure they can use the medicines as prescribed.

Whilst this structured medication review involves a team, we will work with care home managers to ensure that these reviews are taken at the appropriate intervals.  We also provide training, guidance and work with care homes in order to achieve optimal conditions in medications optimisation and the reduction of medications administration errors.

When you choose Pharmacy to My Door as your care home pharmacy in Bloxham and Stratford Upon Avon, you get more than just a place to fill regular prescriptions for your residents. You get a partner in achieving the framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes.  Visit us online for more information, contact information and opening times.

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