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Erectile Dysfunction
Resolve your erectile dysfunction with medication and pharmacy advice from professionals at Pharmacy To My Door. Get discreet treatment and feel yourself again.

According to recent reports, almost half of the British public is unhappy with their physical appearance.

Compounded by the incidence of lockdown, many people are now finding themselves physically out of shape. Recognising the need to support our community, we are now pleased to offer a tailored weight loss management service in partnership with the 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan. Our pharmacy guided weight loss programme includes consultation and regular monitoring by a qualified pharmacist who has specially trained as a Cambridge Weight Loss Consultant.

Factors Affecting Erectile Dysfunction

The cause of Erectile Dysfunction is varied and can range from physical to emotional manifestations. Because of the complex nature regarding causation, our pharmacists will need to consult with you regarding any relevant factors which include lifestyle choices, relationship status, medical history, and emotional state. Consultations can be conducted at your discretion via phone or in person at our premises in Shipston on Stour.

Factors Affecting Erectile Dysfunction
Treat Erectile Dysfunction Option

Treatment Options

There are a number of medicines available to treat Erectile Dysfunction which can be obtained without a prescription in the UK. The benefit you receive when pursuing treatment for your Erectile Dysfunction with Pharmacy To My Door is the opportunity to discuss your treatment options with a pharmacy professional who can rule out any medical cause requiring GP investigation and who can determine which of the treatment options best suits your needs and is safest to take based on the information you provide them.

Consultation Options, Medicine Dispensing and Delivery

It’s important to remember that your pharmacist consultation is completely free and can be scheduled at your convenience within operating hours. If you choose to conduct your consultation in person, we can offer a private room where you can discuss any questions and concerns in confidence. If you are recommended to take medicine for your Erectile Dysfunction you can collect your medication from our dispensary located in the same building. If you choose to conduct your consultation via phone, we can deliver your medication direct to your door using our fleet of delivery drivers or trusted courier partners throughout the UK.

Consultation Options, Medicine Dispensing and Delivery

To book your consultation and begin your guided Erectile Dysfunction treatment, simply fill out the booking form to receive a call back from one of our pharmacists.