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Results in just 24 hours from your sample arriving at the lab. includes a travel certificate signed by a GP, so you can travel with complete peace of mind.

Travel Essentials Service

While illness and injury can’t always be prevented during your travels, they can be addressed effectively and promptly with a portable pantry of aids to remedy minor complaints and discomforts in a ravel essentials kit. Pharmacy To My Door offers a travel essentials service with items hand selected by our pharmacists to create a comprehensive kit suited for any minor issues which may arise while you travel.

What Will I find in a Travel Essentials Kit ?

Travel Essentials Kits are designed to keep in mind most minor aliments and afflictions you may stand to encounter while travelling abroad. Our pharmacists can provide you with a kit of necessities based on a list of requirements provided by you, or can make recommendations based on where you are travelling and who with for complete customisation of your kit. Our service includes travel essentials for men and travel essentials for women in one handy takeaway tote. The essentials we provide have been carefully considered by our pharmacists and chosen for applicability to include:

– Basic First Aid Gear
– Rehydration Sachets
– Sting/Bite Care
– Antihistamines
– Imodium
– Suncare and Protection
– Hand Sanitiser
– Pain Relief Tablets

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What if I Have a Special Request?

Our travel essentials service is meant to cover a broad spectrum of possibilities with medication which has been tried and tested to help, however, if you are someone who plans to travel, is interested in obtaining one of our travel essential kits, and has a medication allergy or sensitivity to a product which would normally comprise our kit, please get in touch with our pharmacists about the possibility of accommodating any special requests. While we cannot guarantee product availability, we will do our best to meet your needs if feasible.

What Will I find in a Travel Essentials Kit ?

You can’t always anticipate or plan for circumstances which may befall you on your foreign travels. Despite your best efforts, you may require the support from a travel essentials kit containing a helpful collection of over the counter (OTC) products which can provide relief in moments when you’re unable to seek medical advice. Let us tick the boxes of your travel essentials list so you can focus your preparative efforts on more important things.
Care Home pharmacy services
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