Finding The Best Care Home For Your Loved One

Finding the best care home for your loved ones

When faced with finding a care home or nursing home for yourself or a family member, the choice can be overwhelming. Deciding where to live is not to be taken lightly, and there are some key factors to consider when viewing potential homes.


The most important thing when choosing somewhere to live is that you, or your relative, feel safe living there. The building itself, and any equipment within it, should be well maintained, and there should always be enough staff on duty to perform the required duties.

Caring Care Homes

A good home is one that truly cares about its residents. It should be free of discrimination or prejudice, and all residents should feel welcome. There should be regular staff training regarding equality, diversity and inclusion. On your visit, you should see all residents being treated with respect and in a dignified manner.

Changing Needs

During your time in a care home, your needs may begin to change and staff should be responsive to these changes. During your visit, ask the staff how they monitor and adapt to a resident’s changing requirements.

Care Home Pharmacy Warwickshire

Pharmacy to My Door is a care home pharmacy, and we offer services to over 50 care homes. Our understanding of the medication requirements of care homes is therefore second to none. We have been serving residential homes for 10 years, and provide staff training within care homes twice a year. Choosing a residential home that works with Pharmacy to My Door will give you peace of mind regarding your medications now and in the future.

You should be able to rely on being given your medications at the right time to promote good, on-going health. At Pharmacy to My Door, we have understood the importance of the dosset box that allows staff to make their drug rounds more time-efficient whilst reducing the risk of drug errors.

NHS Prescriptions Chipping Campden

If you have been used to getting your repeat prescriptions from your GP in Chipping Campden or elsewhere, the transition to becoming a resident in a residential home should be seamless. If you choose an establishment that works with Pharmacy to My Door, your prescription will be taken care of so that you are never without your medications.

To find out more about our care home pharmacy, call us today.

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