Free Prescription Delivery Services By Pharmacy To My Door

Free prescription delivery service by pharmacy to my door

The way medical services are being organised and delivered is changing.  Much more use is being made of technology, for example, doctor’s appointments by video link which has been a boon during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Pharmacy services have also been transformed by digital advances making for a seamless link between your GP and pharmacy provider.  PharmacyTo My Door offers free prescription delivery of all pharmacy medicines meaning you don’t have to call to collect your medication, ideal for those who are busy working, who lack the time or transport or who are shielding from the Coronavirus.  Prescriptions are offered with free delivery to your home, place of work or other nominated address.

What are the features of PTMD’s online pharmacy service?

The great thing about PTMD’s online prescription delivery service is that you don’t need to have a computer but if you do have one, then you can organise your pharmacy account yourself online. Here are some of the useful features of PTMD’s online pharmacy service:

  • Seamless liaison between your GP surgery or a private doctor and our pharmacy, saving time and money for the health service.
  • Electronic transmission of your prescription securely and swiftly direct to the pharmacist.
  • A simple ordering service which can be set up to cater for repeat prescriptions.
  • 24-hour online ordering service meaning you don’t have to wait and order during conventional shopping hours.
  • Free Home Delivery of prescriptions for which there is no charge, avoiding difficult trips for people who live in rural areas or who lack transport and for those who are sick and struggle to get their prescription on time.
  • Add other pharmacy products to your order simply and conveniently.
  • Take advantage of the advice and guidance of a professional pharmacist who is on hand and available to discuss your medication.

Prescription free delivery is just one of the many services we offer to the community, at the forefront of cutting edge and modern healthcare.  For a comprehensive and professional online pharmacy service with free prescription delivery.

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