Guide To NHS Repeat Prescriptions

Guide to NHS Repeat Prescriptions

Guide to NHS Repeat Prescriptions

It is now possible to avoid the endless chores associated with repeat prescriptions by using the online NHS repeat prescription service. Not only can the technology do all the work for you but the NHS repeat prescription ordering service will make sure you never run out or miss out on medication because you have forgotten to re-order. You can link the online service to a pharmacy of your choice, including PTMD, who offers free prescription delivery straight to your front door.

There has been understandable trepidation amongst some people about the use of an online service to order continuous medication, but GPs and pharmacists are still obliged to follow the Repeat Prescribing Guidelines.

How do Repeat Prescriptions Work?

Your doctor will issue a repeat prescription when you need it and your new online account can prompt you when your medicines are running low. You may be required to visit your GP if he hasn’t seen you for a while or he may be happy to issue the repeat prescription based on a telephone call because your health needs have not changed.

The prescription is automatically sent through online to your nominated pharmacy and your medicines are dispensed and delivered to your door.

How Do I Get a Repeat Prescription from My Doctor?

Speak to the reception team at your GP’s surgery and they will explain how you can order a repeat prescription. Your doctor doesn’t need to see you every time you require more medication. The online account with your nominated pharmacy will automatically calculate when you need to re-order and issue a reminder.

How to Use Repeat Prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions take care of the medicine needs of those people who are on long term medication. The new digital service has simplified the process and made it quicker and easier for both patient, and the NHS.

Find out more about the online NHS repeat prescription service and use PTMD as your nominated dispenser. Our online service makes NHS repeat prescription ordering completely simple and streamlined ensuring you will never forget to re-order or miss out on medication. We also offer free delivery for all prescriptions.

To learn more about the online prescription service, visit our website for more information.

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