Guide to Working in Care Homes

Guide to Working in Care Homes

The roles of pharmacists have greatly expanded over the years. A cornerstone of community health, pharmacists have the skills to provide essential services that used to only be available in GP surgeries. Their diverse expertise makes them a vital resource for care homes. One of the greatest benefits is on-site, personalized medication management.

Unfortunately, not getting the most from medications is far too common for care home residents. Perhaps the dosage is incorrect or they are taking medicines that are doing more harm than good. As people age, they develop one or more long-term health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or dementia. This is why on average, the elderly take 7 or more medicines per day. But are these medications necessary?

Nearly one in 12 hospital admissions are related to medication mismanagement and many of these are completely preventable. Research has shown that having a pharmacist regularly review a patient’s medications reduces the chances of overmedication and medication-related hospital admissions.

Other studies have shown that having an integrated care home pharmacist can save an average of 250 per patient per year. In these cost-cutting times, this can quickly add up to a substantial amount of savings.

Pharmacists can do more than manage medications. When you partner with a care home pharmacy, you gain access to a highly trained specialist who can provide health care consultations, treatment plans, health assessments, and so much more.

Pharmacy to My Door Care Home Pharmacy
PTMD knows that every care home has different needs, so our care home pharmacy services are fully customisable. We will apply our comprehensive skills to ensure that each of your residents has an enhanced quality of life. Whatever your needs, our skills and continual training in pharmacy medicine advances means we can meet those needs.

The personalised, knowledgeable, and compassionate support we can provide will take some of the burdens off your care home staff’s shoulders. We will work directly with you, your staff, and your residents. We believe that where possible, patients should be knowledgeable and have a direct say in their health care.

If you have read this guide about care homes and pharmacists and want to learn more, contact us today. We provide unparalleled care home pharmacy services in Brailes, Moreton-in-Marsh, and in Kineton.

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