Helping Care Homes Make Medications Safer

Helping Care Homes Make Medications Safer

In 2020, a medical journal published a study that revealed there are over 237 million medication errors each year in England. In addition to causing over 1700 deaths every year, these errors cost the NHS almost 100 million annually. Some medication errors are linked to hospitals and GPs, but the majority of errors are made within care homes.

With proper precautions, errors in medication are completely preventable. However, budgets and staff in care homes are lower than ever. GP’s are stretched thin as well, so care home residents are not getting as much one-on-one time with health professionals as they used to. That is why so many care homes are enlisting the help of care home pharmacies.

Improving Medication Safety with a Care Home Pharmacy
A care home pharmacist can take over the day to day management of medications, freeing up your staff to focus on their other duties. Pharmacists are highly trained specialists who add an extra level of security to medications by preventing medication errors.

In addition to dispensing medications, pharmacists can perform medication reviews to check that dosages are correct and that the medications are not causing more harm than good. Often the residents of care homes do not question their treatment plans which makes it more difficult to prevent the overuse of unnecessary medication. Reducing medication waste will not only prevent adverse effects on the patient but will save care homes and the NHS money in the long-term.

Pharmacists support care home staff in several other ways as well. They can perform health assessments, provide advice, and act as a liaison between GP’s and hospitals. Studies have shown that the additional services pharmacists provide to care homes improve the quality of life for the residents and reduce emergency hospital admissions and ambulance call outs.

Care Home Pharmacy Services from PTMD
With PTMD, you will get a dedicated pharmacist who will be focused on your care home and its residents. Because each care home is different in its requirements and needs, we will work directly with you to provide tailored services. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your care home, not change it.

PTMD is a care home pharmacy in Moreton-in-Marsh, Brailes, and Kineton. To find out more about how we can enhance the lives of your care home residents, visit our website or contact us today.

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