How are Dosette Boxes and Pill Organisers Used?

How are Dosette Boxes and Pill Organisers Used?

Once we reach a certain age, the need to take multiple medications to maintain our health may become more common.  With a busy lifestyle, it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of these medications. For a vulnerable patient, this can be an even more difficult undertaking. One way to ensure you are taking the right medications at the right time is through a Dosette Box Service or a Pill Organizer.

What Are Dosette Boxes and Pill Organizers?

Dosette Boxes, or Pill Organizers, are plastic boxes or trays that contain easy to open sealed compartments. The compartments are labeled by the day of the week and by the time of the day (e.g. AM and PM). They are visual reminders of which medications you need to take and when so you won’t have to worry about missing a dose or doubling up on doses. They can also help with recognizing when you need to request a refill of any repeat prescriptions.  

These are issued by your chemist and all of your medications are issued to you in this Dosette Box, to simplify your medication management routine. Not all chemists provide Dosette Box services because they feel it is not a beneficial service for their bottom line.  PTMD puts our customers first, and we believe our services should align with customer needs.  

How To Use Dosette Boxes and Pill Organizers

1)     Wash your hands and use a clean, flat surface. Get all of your medications and a list of which ones to take and when. It can be useful to line up your medications in the order they are listed.

2)    Start with the first medication in your list and put it in each relevant compartment. For example, if you take a certain medication each morning, put the required dose in each day’s compartment that is labeled for the morning.

3)    Once you have filled each necessary compartment with the first medication, move on to the next one. Repeat this for each medication you take.

4)    Optional: Put your filled Dosette Box in an easy-to-open plastic bag to avoid pills falling out if you accidentally knock the box over.


Missing doses or taking extra doses of medications can have serious adverse effects on your health. To take control of your medication management, enlist a Dosette Box Pharmacy like Pharmacy To My Door. They are the best Dosette Box Pharmacy in Chipping Norton, Brailes, and Bloxham. To find out more about their Dosette Box services, visit

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