How Can I Get A Dossett Box?

Obtain a dosette box for easy medication management

Dosette Boxes are available from your local GP surgery but there is often a waiting list for these which can run into several months. PTMD offer Dosette Boxes from their online pharmacy in Bloxham and their pharmacy in Wellesbourne and these can be preloaded with the right medication to avoid any concerns over dosages.

How to use a Dosette Box?

Dosette Boxes are simple plastic boxes which contain integral dividers with seven spaces for each day of the week and then compartments within each day for different medication times. Dosette Boxes are sometimes also called pill organisers.

The most effective way to use a Dosette Box is to load each compartment with the correct tablets or ask the pharmacist or care worker to do it for you.

Who can benefit from a Dosette Box?

Obvious candidates for a Dosette Box are the elderly who may have multiple medicines and might be getting a little forgetful or confused about which one to take and when. A Dosette Box takes all the error out of working out which pill to take and in what quantity.

However, Dosette Boxes are not just for elderly people, they can be a boon for anyone who is faced with taking multiple medications due to a recently acquired illness or disease or because of surgery after an accident.

Anyone who is struggling with a health issue can find taking different medicines at different times of day just another challenge and burden. A Dosette Box removes that particular worry. A pre-loaded Dosette Box which is passed from one carer to another can also provide secure medicine administration for a patient with dementia removing any worry about whether the correct dose has been given by someone in the care team.

Remember your pharmacist or care professional can provide handy tips on how to use a Dosette Box. Dosette Boxes can also be pre-loaded by your pharmacist to avoid any medication errors or confusion.

Contact the friendly team at PTMD if you would to find out more about buying a Dosette Box and our Dosette Box service. We ofer Dosette Boxes at our pharmacy in Bloxham and our pharmacy in Wellesbourne.

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