How Can You Know When The Elderly Need Care Home Services?

How can you know when the elderly need Care Home Services

How can you know when the elderly need Care Home Services?

Deciding to place an elderly relative or loved one in a care home is one of the most difficult choices and many people feel racked with guilt.  But the simple fact is that if that person cannot adequately care for themselves any more then this is a kindness not a denial of freedom.  PharmacyToMyDoor provides services to care home services in Redditch, care home services in Birmingham and also care home services in Bromsgrove ensuring all the medical and pharmacy needs of residents are met with a caring and professional digital pharmacy service.

Sometimes, it is not clear exactly when is the right time to make that decision especially if the decline in health and wellbeing is gradual and not precipitated by a crisis or hospital emergency.  Here are some common signs to look out for which can indicate that the time has come:-

  • Have your relative’s eating patterns changed?  Failing to have adequate nourishment is a very common problem in the over 65 age group
  • Is medication for long-term chronic health conditions being missed?
  • Has behaviour changed and become disorientated, for example, are they going out at strange times or have you noticed items in the wrong place within the home?
  • Are you or your family struggling to cope with the rising demand in care needs such as shopping and cooking or just being on hand to manage the problems and difficulties?

Often the picture is not clear cut with gradual changes and confused behaviour which can be interspersed with much more lucid moments making the timing of a decision to move to a care home service provider difficult and stressful.  However, if you feel that your loved ones’ care needs can no longer be met consistently and safely then this could be the time to consider a Home Care service needs Assessment from the local authority; a professional and independent view can provide the clarity and reassurance that is needed.  Look up care home services near me on the internet and start to make some enquiries, this can help put your mind at rest.

For more information on PTMD’s partnership with care home services in Birmingham, Redditch and Bromsgrove, visit our website

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