How Care Home Pharmacy Service Makes Your Life Easier?

Care Home Pharmacy Service

Each year, pharmacists in the UK become more vital to our health care system. With so much pressure on the NHS in the wake of the coronavirus, many people struggle to get the level of individualised care they once received. What some of these people don’t realise, however, is that pharmacies can provide a lot of the services they need. The role of pharmacists in the healthcare system is a very important one.

How Do Pharmacists Help the Community?

Pharmacists are trained medical professionals who are qualified to carry out a wide range of medical and health care services. From advice about minor ailments and injuries, to medication management, to vaccinations, pharmacists are an underutilised community resource.

Other pharmacy services can include:

  • Travel advice
  • Sexual health advice
  • Stop Smoking services
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Blood pressure checks

How Do Pharmacists Help Care Homes?

Pharmacies and pharmacists are very community and patient-centred, able to give individualised attention to the people they serve. Studies have shown that care home pharmacies greatly increase the quality of life of care home patients as well as reduce their reliance on the NHS. That’s why so many care homes now employ care home pharmacists to help them provide exemplary care to their residents.

One of the most important roles care home pharmacists have is medication management. They can help patients keep track of their medications, prevent medication errors, refill prescriptions, and provide personalised advice and support. Since older patients tend to take several medications each day, pharmacists can alleviate the pressure associated with medication management.

Our pharmacists can:

  • Train and support care home staff about medicines
  • Provide expert advice on medications
  • Make any required changes to prescriptions
  • Perform medication reviews
  • Cut down on medication wastage

When you enlist PTMD as your care home pharmacy, you will be given a dedicated pharmacist to work with. In addition to the services mentioned above, your PTMD pharmacist can dispense medications up to 6pm with same-day delivery, accept emergency prescriptions, and liaise between doctors and hospitals for you. Whatever you need we will tailor our services to suit your care home’s requirements.

Pharmacy to My Door is a trusted and leading care home pharmacy in Wellesbourne and Bloxham. To enhance the quality of life of your residents, contact us today about the services we can provide to your care home.

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