How do electronic prescriptions work?

NHS Repeat Prescriptions

In 2023, the majority of prescriptions are processed electronically. Even if you usually request your medications in person or over the phone, your GP surgery will use electronic and online systems to sign and send your prescriptions to a pharmacy. Paper prescriptions may still be issued in some instances, but most GP surgeries have moved away from this practice for both one-off medications and repeat prescriptions.

NHS electronic prescription management is done over the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). The EPS reduces much of the administrative workload of prescriptions for both the GP, NHS, and patient. For patients and the NHS alike, this frees up much needed time and effort.

How Does the EPS Work?

Before you can request a medication, you usually need to nominate your chosen pharmacy with your GP surgery. This can be done in person, over the phone, or through electronic means like your GP’s online portal or the NHS app.

You don’t have to stay with the same pharmacy once you’ve opted for electronic repeat prescriptions. Just let your GP practice know if you’d like to start receiving your medications from a different pharmacy and allow time for the change to take effect. Patients who use Pharmacy to My Door’s NHS repeat prescription service in Brailes and Kineton can have us make this request to their GP on their behalf.

After you request your repeat prescription, your GP will review it and, once approved, send it electronically to your chosen pharmacy. Most requests are available for pickup from your chosen pharmacy within 2 business days and the pharmacy will let you know when your medication is ready to picked up or delivered. Many pharmacies offer text and email notifications so you can stay informed each step of the way.

Benefits of Electronic Repeat Prescriptions

Electronic repeat dispensing of prescriptions is a safe, reliable, and confidential way to get your medications. There’s fewer errors and less of a chance of your prescription getting lost in the shuffle. There’s also a clearer audit trail of your medications that both you and your GP can view online.

Using the EPS doesn’t just save time for patients and staff, but also saves paper and reduces the likelihood of you losing a paper prescription between your GP and the pharmacy.

NHS Repeat Prescriptions in Shipston on Stour from PTMD

In addition to managing all the admin that goes with medication requests, Pharmacy to My Door can have your medications delivered to your door at no extra cost. So, if you’d rather do without all the trips to the pharmacy, sign up online or over the phone for PTMD’s NHS repeat prescription in Wellesbourne and Chipping Norton. We also offer our convenient NHS repeat prescription service in Chipping Campden. To find out more, contact us or visit our website.

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