How Do You Order, Collect And Reorder A Prescription in 2022?

How Do You Order, Collect And Reorder A Prescription in 2022

Covid-19 made some fundemental changes to how prescription medicines were dispensed and collected, builidng on technological advancements which the NHS were already developing. IT has revolutionised the prescription service, saving time and money with a slick and efficient digital system. You don’t even need a computer to enjoy all the benefits of online prescribing. If you are looking for NHS repeat prescriptions in Chipping Campden or a repeat NHS prescription in Kineton, then contact PTMD to find out how it works

How to order repeat prescriptions online?

Ordering repeat prescriptions online is really easy. You don’t need a computer but what confuses most people is that you start at the end of the process by nominating your pharmacy and they then speak to the GP – it’s back to front.

Here is how it works.

  1. Choose your pharmacy – most high street pharmacies are offering online services, you can physically go into a chemist or you can set it all up online from the comfort of your own home
  2. Open an account – find their website and create an account or download the pharmacy app. Enter your personal details. You can change these on your account whenever you want, even altering the location where the medicines are delivered to if you are away or want them sent to your place of work
  3. Add your medicines  – once the medication appears on your account, then you can place an order
  4. GP approval – the pharmacist contacts your GP for approval, this can take a day or two so, just as under the old system, you need to allow a 48-hour window, longer if it is a weekend or public holiday. The GP sends the pharmacy an electronic prescription and the pharmacy then dispenses the medicine. Rates are unchanged so you don’t pay for this service, just the standard UK prescription charge per medicine unless you are exempt
  5. Delivery – most pharmacies offer free delivery direct to your door
  6. Online reminders – the account can be set up to issue online reminders to ensure you order in enough time for medication that you take regularly

How to ask your doctor for a refill of a prescription?

Under the new online pharmacy service, NHS repeat prescriptions are organised by the pharmacy not by asking your GP surgery, the pharmacy will do this for you.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of ordering your regular medication online with quick delivery to your door from PTMD’s digital pharmacy. If you are looking for an NHS repeat prescription service in Chipping Campden or an NHS repeat prescription in Kineton, then contact PTMD.

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